How to encourage a christian

How to encourage a mature believer?

How to encourage a christian


Hebrew 11:1 says, “Faith is the substance of things hope for and the evident of things not seen.” when you are with this, you can draw almost everything from it.

This is why it is invariably possible to encourage mature believers because of the word of GOD first in them. believing in God is almost impossible without some tangible teaching about Christ JESUS.

When you don’t see this as a place to encourage yourself in the word or the hearing of the word, possibility to grow strong in the faith comes haphazardly to you.

For you to sustain this, you have to know that God is the ultimate in everything you intend to venture, this will arrest the mind for excellent.


It is very easier to retrain mature believers quick than milk believer because of the substance of faith they have already.

This will always turn them to another level of action to confront any situations around for good. As a milk believer in Christ or young believers, the word of God is almost not tested to believer Christ died for our sins, therefore, milk believe take this for granted.

No matter what the enemy would do, Christ is the saviour of our souls, so we cannot take this for granted. Put all your trust and see the signs and wonders that will come before time to help in dipping you up to see the reason Christ is for you.

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