How Serenity In Prayer Work

How serenity in prayer work

How Serenity In Prayer Work

How Serenity In Prayer Work

It is very rewarding that we understand how serenity in prayer work as Christians. No act is more basic to the Christian life, to Christian worship, to piety, and to growth than prayer. Yet also so uniquely and strangely difficult when we don’t believe.

As a Christian is always good for us to make the importance of prayer and the significant of it.

We glow best when we activate the action plan in praying. We obtain gift that will transform us to know why prayer is good. This is the reason as Christians we are succeeding.

This is where we become the ultimate of what we want to become especially as salvation is our birth right.

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My experience and reading tells me that the struggle to pray is common to believers. I have not often heard or read people to say, “I just could not bring myself to eat for weeks at a time.”

Prayer is the place of taking charge, so the devil knows so he always wants to stop you. It is the place where we generate the power of God to work in us in whatever we believe to do.

The Christian life is not only in miracle, Favour, riches rather in the place of prayer. This is how we could build the fundamental trust to know and see that we fellowship with Him (God).


Yet, I have heard and read Christians to say such things about prayer. Nevertheless, prayer is as basic to the Christian life as eating is to bodily life.

The moment as a Christian we put prayer in place. The capacity to build is certain in all place of stability. Thus make us to shine beyond comprehension.

Just as we need to be taught what food is good for us (and what is not). So, too we need to learn what prayer is and is not. It is the mechanism to win every place in the adversary’s strength to weigh us down.

Prayer is an essential element of our sanctification (the Spirit’s gradual, gracious work of conforming believers to the image of Christ).

Gradually, it is making the sanctification better to conform to every good thing to manifest in our place when we stick on.


Just as we are learning daily what it means to die to sin and to live to Christ. So, too we daily learn how imperfect and inconsistent our prayers are and what it means to pray as our Lord taught—in the Spirit, to the Father.

This gives us to know that it makes our imperfection when we pray to come up for the glory of God to have the place of mercy in our life.

It is also the serenity in prayer when you are comfortable for the change ahead. It brings the grace to push till you are manifested in every direction we desired.

Once you show the sincere gratitude to God that you are in spirit and truth. The God’s truth comes to envelop you to access every desire of yours.

The transition of praying is a moment of trust you have with God in everything you feel that He should be aware. He acknowledges your supplication and petition if there is need.


That the catechism assigns prayer to thankfulness reminds us again of where we are in the Heidelberg Catechism. That we have, as it were, confessed the greatness of our sin and misery.

We have confessed the faith, we have been received into Christ’s church. And that we gather weekly with the Christ-confessing covenant community (the visible church) to receive the ministry of Word and sacrament in Christ Jesus.

How you receive the gospel of Christ put you in the right sense of organization to meet with all the needs to advance in life. Just as Christ wants you to become.

Christ is the defense of our faith when we believe in Him. He goes ahead to make every way to be perfected in the course of getting everything we need to be in the right position.

It is believers who have received God’s free grace in Christ that goes around to dispense his glory around. Meanwhile justification, sanctification or manifestation is not set aside for us.

This believers who are being gradually, graciously conformed to Christ (sanctification.) That receives the perfection of his glory and who are thankful.

No matter what, Christ in us is the hope of glory and the beginning of every good things we have desired for

For you to know you are a Christian is the place of altar of prayer. This judges us to know Christ is in us or the hope of glory is gone from us.

PRAYER IS A SEED: How serenity in prayer work.

Almost as soon as the story of sin and redemption begins, we find a record of prayer. Genesis 4 begins and ends with worship.

Abel brought an acceptable offering, and Cain did not. The latter’s jealousy led him to murder—the first worship wars.

At the end of the chapter (v. 26). With the announcement of the birth of Seth, Scripture reports: “At that time people began to call upon the name of Yahweh.”

This seems like a reference to public worship. But it is interesting that worship is characterized by the act of calling upon the name of the God of the covenant, Yahweh.

Prayer begins with calling upon the name of God. The Lord’s Prayer begins by invoking the name of the Father. We often begin “O Lord…” Prayer is in the vocative mood.

Prayer is the moment of changing ourself from glory to glory and strength to strength by acknowledging his Lordship in prayer.

While we move to seek his strength to work for the day. It is the consciousness that takes us high in prayer to change everything we think is possible to change.

The bible put us to watch that he that prays especially in unknown tongue speaks to the God not men. So, as you advance to know this, we push every day from glory to glory for better change.


This gets to one part of the Christian’s struggle to pray faithfully. We are tempted to change the footing of our prayer from the covenant of grace to the covenant of works.

Christ who is the pillar is also the power of the world to come to attend in the glory. This confirms us to believe we can do all things through him who strengthens us.

When we seek to relate to God, to call upon his name as if we were under works for acceptance (justification.) And salvation (deliverance from the wrath to come) on the basis of our works (our performance), we must fail.

So, Christ is the strength to grow when we believe that He is. He prevents and increases us to know that He is the giver of everything on the earth.

Our prayers are always corrupted by sinful thoughts, desires, and choices. Just as we need to be sanctified, so also do our prayers.

It is helpful to know how good it is to function in the place of prayer while we fellowship with one another to grow in grace.

Believers go to the Father only on the basis of what Christ has done. It’s good to pray with the Spirit helping us. Praying as redeemed sinners.

We do not pray as those who have met the terms of the law (the covenant of works) but as needy sinners received by grace.

The success of every Christian is the fountain of the altar of prayer. When we use this,  the fire to utilize the moment of change is made possible. This is through  the function interceding in the heavenly realm of grace to succeed in life.

SEEK GOD’S FACE: How serenity in prayer work.

The needy cry out freely to God because they know their need. Those who approach God on another basis will struggle.

Those who seek to hide their sins and need from God will struggle. God is open to everyone in the place of need, where prayer is the place of God’s answer.

One great struggle of prayer is the struggle to be honest before God about who and what we are in ourselves.

When we fix this place with humility and honest, His glory comes quick to function in the place of purity.

Another aspect, and closely related, is our struggle with sin. As believers we continue to wrestle with sin (as Paul says in Romans 7).

And to the degree we have yet to be sanctified, to that degree we are reluctant to humble ourselves before God. To acknowledge him as Lord and ourselves as needy sinners.

Prayer is the chief way of dying to ourselves and living to Christ. To succeed is the act of giving ourself in the juncture of praying to God with unspecified need in our heart, we get answer quick.

Prayer is ONE OF THE KEYs

Here it is helpful to distinguish between the way that prayer is, a means of grace. The way the Word and sacraments are the definition of the grace of God in us.

They come to us from outside of us. They are extra nos (outside us). The Christ and gospel they bring to us are received through sola fide.

They are objective instruments. Prayer is our response. It is the instrument through which we reply from the heart, with thanks, to God for all he has done. Prayer is the first expression of the grateful, believing heart we have taken to him.

Our strength in Christ is the generating power to possess and receive the mercy to push and press in the place of concern. Having Christ as the mediator the hope of glory.

Christ is one power of the glory to see the functionality of anything we see that we think we can achieve. He is there to see us through without prejudice or counting our sins.

Only believers give heartfelt thanks

Prayer is distinct from the Word and the sacraments insofar. It is in prayer that we ask for what is promised in them, it is acceptable to know his word to define our prayer life.

That is why we say that God only gives his grace and Spirit to those who ask. He gives them the grace to flourish in his presence.

Not everyone who hears the gospel or who receives the sacraments (the objective means) receives what they signify. It is because of the personal understanding on how we receive.

Only believers receive what they signify, and it is believers who pray for what is offered. For forgiveness, for righteousness, for sanctification, and for our daily necessities receive the grace to do so.

Only believers give heartfelt thanks for what Christ has done for us and for what the Spirit is now doing in us. In union and communion with Christ JESUS which is the beginning of every new dawn.

Prayer—calling upon the name of the Lord in faith, in confidence with the word of  God—is the first act of the believer. The act of the grateful recipient of mercy and grace to believers in Christ Jesus.

It is the act of one who is in the midst of a mighty struggle between what is to be and what presently is. Christ who is the motive behind every good works will also do for us all what we need to achieve our goal.


Life is like a mountain that you learn to clamp little by little until substantive progress is made. Without you being in prayer always, the force to change a thing will not be there to win every pace of advancement.

Prayer is the cause of change when you put your mind in the place where faith is the determinant in changing the cause of action.

As you give yourself to prayer in reflection of what you desire and what He has done, the force of action becomes possible to win.

Someone says, “prayer is the capacity to truncate the power of the enemy to allow you to pass through to the profitable ground.”

Once you give yourself in prayer, you relief the power of the devil to wither; making substantive in your position in Christ Jesus.

The cause of change in any situations is the press-push of action that changes everything that is supposed to hinder the work of your progress in Christ Jesus to fine-tunes the situation around.

Prayer without the primary faith of action would be hard to see tangible things turning around for victory, thus the force of action sleeps for daily improvement.

Once faith is pushed for answers, the work you do begin to find the reality on it.

The power of faith is the corresponding action that changes everything that brings the idea out for good.

Faith itself is transparent if you must succeed anything you do. Once you acknowledge this fact, faith will begin to upload you to better inform.

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