Why God Is All Knowing

Why, God, Why

Why God Is All Knowing

Why God Is All Knowing

Have you asked the question before, Why, God is all knowing

When I walked through the door of my mother’s hospital room, wreathes of joy ran through her face, which was so pale.

Even as she looked so exhausted with sunken eyes, they grazed with sharpness when I entered.

The IVs were dangling from her arms while she lifted her trembling hands to welcome me.

I embraced my mom, feeling the heat from her temperature and the protrusion of her bones. Her voice stutters when she wants to speak; I patted her and sat beside her bed.

After some minutes, she dozed off. I was left to wonder, Why, God, Why? Why does my mother have to suffer like this in her old age?

Sometimes, I’m left confused. After she lived and sacrificed most of her time for people, will her old age come this way?

Sometime you need the why

Yet I was reminded that some questions are pure rhetoric and don’t come to any particular age bracket.

I can still remember vividly when my fourth child underwent a series of tests to determine his physical state five years after cancer surgery.

Many questions ran through my mind without any answer: Why, God, Why?

When it seems we have lost the trace of God’s hand of purpose, we must trust His heart of love.

While battling my mother’s and beloved son’s illnesses, a dear friend faced his challenges at the other end – a divorce. Why, God, Why? Why doesn’t God touch the heart of her spouse and heal their marriage?

Even as that was still racing around in my mind, the bad news struck that the minister who raised me in distant years kicked the bucket. Why, God, Why?

  1. Even before all these occurred, I had numerous “whys.”
  2. Why didn’t God save the 110 fathers of unborn children to perish in 9/11 – the Twin Towers attack in 2001?
  3. Why will God not allow children to be raised by godly parents and give them to a mother that will drown them in a bathtub?
  4. Why will God watch a few people embezzle the pensions of thousands of people just because of greed?
  5. Why will God watch people kidnap and murder babies and children for selfish beliefs?
  6. Why do the young die?
  7. Why do the wicked prosper and flourish?

Questions in the Garden: Why, God, Why

Many broken hearts are asking the question, Why, God, Why? Our first parents have asked questions as old as the human race.

The trauma Adam and Eve faced when they were banished from the Garden of Eden because of a wrong choice?

I have imagined Adam and Eve lying on the cold frozen ground, covered with leaves and smelly animal skins.

After the trauma, did they have a moment between unconsciousness and full alertness when they realized they had lost everything?

Why the why is importance

Just because they disobeyed God? Will they ever feel comfortable and accomplished in each other that night and afterward?

They were being separated and alienated from God in utter loneliness and feeling of shame and remorse.

Their mind must have been troubled if they could make the wrong right again? what led them to their disobedience?

Eve would have repeatedly questioned why she talked to the snake. Why didn’t I pray to God first?

When the snake was deceiving me, why was God silent and watching? Why didn’t he intervene to protect us?

The most tragic day and time in the world couldn’t be salvaged. And to date, the tragedy can never wither no get over.

In years to come, after they had suffered and Eve gave birth, they had to bury their second son, that was murdered by their firstborn.

Why, God, Why?

God answered their unspoken question by promising them what transcended the generations for every age that will come on earth.

God assured Adam and Eve that a day shall come when He will defeat sin, death, and the devil – the mastermind of the world’s suffering today.

Ultimately, this brokenness led to man’s blessing and suffering, which led to glory when Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came into the flesh of humankind to reconcile the world to God.

God’s ultimate answer to all our unspoken questions and the whys is “Jesus.” He should be our watchword and role model to live through our suffering.

When it seems we have lost the trace of God’s hand of purpose, we must trust His heart of love.

When we can’t answer the question, Why? We must trust Him because He cares for us more than we do.

A Tale of Two Birds: Why, God, Why

When the storm comes, a turkey and an eagle have different reactions. The turkey runs under the barn, hiding from the face of the storm.

On the other hand, the eagle leaves a secure place to run to the storm.

When it gets there, it spreads its wind to ride the stormy air currents, knowing it will lift it higher in the sky than it could rise by flapping its wings.

Based on your reaction to the storms of life, are you an eagle or a turkey?

I’m a turkey in my emotions, but I have always been an eagle in my spirit.

And as I spread my wings of faith to embrace the great “Wind,” believing and trusting Jesus and Him alone. I have experienced quiet and great “everyday” miracles:

  • His joy has balanced my pain.
  • His peace has calmed my worries.
  • His power has lifted my burden.
  • His strength has been sufficient to carry me through.
  • His grace has been more than adequate to cover me.
  • His love has bathed my wounds like a healing balm.

Soaring like an eagle is like an adventure of discovering how faithful the Lord can be.

When I’m out of my comfort zone to bring in what the family will eat, my hope depends on Jesus alone.

And I can imagine a smile on His face as the angels of heaven applaud, “Dave, you’re finally getting it.

You understand why God allows bad things to happen.”

And to an extent than before, I now understand. Soaring like an eagle is exhilarating; I feel contented that I no longer live in my comfort zone just because of ensuring security. I want to live by faith in the Lord Jesus.

The Big Picture: Why, God, Why

After 18 months of loss and discomfort in my life, my confident conclusion is that God knows what we’re going through.

He allows the storm of trouble and suffering to come because he wants to draw us nearer to Him. To build that union, He has many desires in every one of us.

Faith will triumph in all ramifications only when you live your life beyond personal comfort to serve God.

That kind of Faith is what is required to overcome great storms of suffering and pain.

In the little town of Bethany, Jesus taught us how to become triumphant with a little faith.

The days immediately preceded the storm that took Jesus to the Calvary – the storm that lifted Him to the highest glory and power.

In that beautiful day and moment in that little town, Jesus revealed God’s answer to our unspoken question, “Why did You let this bad thing happen?”

Final Thoughts On Why, God, Why

His unsavory response to our heartfelt question was given to Mary, Martha, and Lazarus — a family living in Bethany.

This is why when you cause your believe, faith to create reduces. Her answer goes beyond the circumstances to the finished work of Christ.

These set of people understood the storm and soared to the very heights of faith on the wings of the storm that swept into their lives.

Their experience underscores the truth that God has a greater picture for us than we have for ourselves.

And it reminds us to have faith and trust in the Lord steadily. He is the answer to our Why, God, Why questions.

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