Sanctification Is The Process of Spiritual Maturity

Sanctification is the process of spiritual maturity

Sanctification Is The Process of Spiritual Maturity

Sanctification Is The Process of Spiritual Maturity

Sanctification is the process of spiritual maturity which is the right standing in Christ, as accepting him comes with the process.

I remember giving my life to Christ, and for some years, I experienced great change in my spirit man. 

When you accept Christ, the old nature dies while the new nature comes up in light of Christ’s nature.

Whenever as a Christian, you are not experiencing all this, sanctification is not felt.

Christ in you in the hope of glory that you would know.

To be in Christ is to experience sanctification in the higher form, as is not a religion but the nature that is transcended in Christ. 

So, once you choose to follow Christ, who is the author and finisher of your faith, you automatically align your spirit man for sanctification.

It’s not something you gain by the experience of knowledge but by confessing that Christ is the Lord of your life.

Sanctification Is The Process of Spiritual Maturity

It comes with its glory in Christ

Sanctification is the process of spiritual maturity when you have pursued Christ in agreement with his word in you.

Christ in you is the acceptance you have made up your mind that He is the Lord that brings the power of sanctification in you.

To be sanctified in Christ comes in with the aspect of accepting the teaching of Christ; this brings you to be sanctified in the Holy Ghost in Christ Jesus.

The aspect of sanctification is the process of being born again in Christ Jesus. If not, you cannot be sanctified in Christ.

Some do not know that sanctification is the function of being in Christ, not word alone.

If a professor has no Christ in him, no matter the words he has learned, he cannot be sanctified.

It takes the glory and Holy Ghost to be sanctified. There are many unrighteous people who believe Christ in you is just a mere word, but it’s not as they think.

Require you to be born again

I could remember when I was not born again, I despise that as a mere word in Christ Jesus.

Not until I was arrested to say and preach the gospel through the Holy Ghost did I not believe such a thing happened.

From that day, I would always like to say this because I had been on that until I accepted Christ, who has sanctified me for a period of time now.

This word sanctification is the function of the new spirit man that enters one who believes in Christ.

It’s not the function of knowing the word alone that sanctification works but accepting him until the word of God.

The Bible says, “But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteous, and sanctification, and redemption:” (1 Corin 1:30). So, the righteousness and wisdom is the limelight that Christ has that changes you to function into the sanctity of Christ.

The will of God is for you to know that once you have received Christ, the power of the image of God comes unto you automatically. 

Sanctification is abstaining from every unclean thing that would destroy the good power in Christ Jesus.

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Christ is the power

 Christ in you is the perfection of sanctification, the glory of the joy you would have in him.

Everything concerning your life is the image of the strength that you would have to make a choice, either to succeed or fail.

Many would see sanctification as the power in Christ, which is the reality of him in you.

Nobody gets sanctified and remains the same in life.

The power of God becomes what you enjoy as you always seek his glory, joy and fellowship. He is there for everything you need.

Once you know that receiving Christ is the sanctification and the glory and power to make a change, you organize yourself to worship him properly.

Becoming the goodness in Christ, sanctification is the wish that God has for you when you accept him.

The Bible says, “That every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honour” (1Thessa 4:4).

You have to know what you should be in the spirit of sanctification to do.

The word of God says, “You have to use it for his glory and honour, if not, the glorification of the sanctification might not be glorified in Christ Jesus.

God sanctify us in Christ.

God is the sanctifier, but he needs you to accept him consciously. He loves you to use your heart.

This is how you can honor and be glorified in Christ.

When the glory of God as you receive is not glorified, the people close to you will not believe the reality in Christ in you.

The moment you dwell in this level of the spirit, the power, wisdom, strength and healing in Christ begins to work in you for better future.

Sanctification comes with its promises in Christ. Many would think that the power of God comes without sanctification, it doesn’t come without.

When you are sanctified, you are committed to do the will of God no matter the state of division you may have passed through.

The glory and power of God is not without sanctification but the power and glory would not function better.

Everyone wants to have power in Christ JESUS but the simple truth is that you need sanctification to function in that magnitude. 

 The Bible says, But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the spirit and belief of the truth:” (2 Thessa 2:13).

In the process of sanctification, we all are bound to give thanks to God who is the power of our glory in Christ Jesus.

You cannot shine without sanctification

When you know all this, you can find the passion in Christ, this is how you become the glory that cannot be shaken in Christ.

The people who don’t believe in the power of sanctification would not know the power of it.

Christ is the glory; whosoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life in Christ Jesus.

Because anyone that believe he is changed from glory to glory unto the perfect day in Christ Jesus.

The people who believe in Christ would always have this challenge about people who don’t believe what they believe.

This is not the case, because many people would not see this glory, the gods of this world as blinded their eye to know.

 The Bible says, “But their minds were blinded: for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away in the reading of the old testament; which vail is done away in Christ” (2 Corin 3:14).

You cannot shine without sanctification

As the Bible has said, they are blinded because they didn’t believe the level of sanctification that Christ brings in them.

Once thing in Christ is that, the moment you skip your faith, the answer to what you want will not come.

There are moments life would not work without being sanctified, because it takes the glory of sanctification to open the door for favor for you.

 Sanctification is the process of spiritual maturity which comes as a result of receiving Christ.

As maturity is the sign in Christ, it comes as you learn and fellowshipping with Christ Jesus who gives you the power to be right in him.

Once you choose to fellowship with Christ who is the gift in the world, His word in you after sanctification brings the greatest change that would have ever received.

The word sanctification is the process of cleansing you spiritually of the old life to the new life to make you whole. 

Some of the processes mentioned below will sharpen you and bring you into transformation in Christ Jesus.

This pathway will always find better way to know what is sanctification and the benefit it in Christ Jesus.

What Is Sanctification And Its Benefit

1. God’s gracious work in us

The God’s gracious work in us; Christ is first believe that He is the son of God. His work is the perfection of the goodness of God that brings us into the believe He is the truth. 

Once you realize that Christ in you in the power to function better, you would worship him in full.

Christ who is the author and the finisher, thus, sanctification will never be possible to be achieved full.

 Believing is the glory that blends you to work in His glory to succeed in whatever you do.

Christ’s gracious comes with the power in which we function as the ability comes in us. 

The gracious work is not without the labor of God as the ability to work comes from him who gives light in us.

Some of the gracious work in Christ in us is to make us to be useful and dispense its glory:

  • He is the power
  • Sanctification comes with glory
  • He works our perfection
  • He brings the reality out
  • Allow us to shine

2. Sanctification is the power of His glory

When sanctification is not acknowledged in truth, the power and ability to grow becomes limitless.

People who lack sanctification will not have the ability to know what the spirit of the Lord is saying.

As the glory of sanctification comes to strengthen you, ability to grow is increased to give anything you desire.

Christ has taught us to believe in Him, the glory of sanctification which is the purifying will always come to stay in us.

For instant, as a Christian who believes in Christ, the function to become purified is done in knowing Christ.

This is how you can make the change that you desire in your Christian life. 

The Bible says, Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the father, through sanctification of the spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ: Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied ( 1 Peter1:2).

God knows that when you desire change in sanctification, He is willing to make you better. Below are nuggets to strengthen you through:

  • Christ is the truth
  • He packages everything for us
  • He reconciles himself with us
  • Sanctification brings glory
  • He measures us in the process

3. Grow in sanctification is a process

It’s a process that takes time for the Lord to push and takes you far beyond your imagine. Christ is the way and the truth if any Christian want achieve destiny.

We have heard many a times people say as a Christian, you can enjoy your Christian life without sanctification.

It’s absolutely impossible to see this happens because is a process of achieving both success and salvation. 

 The Bible says, But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever” (2 Peter 3:18).

We can see that, we grow in grace and in the knowledge of God as we move step by step to know and conform in Christ.

Some of the nuggets that would help us are below for empowerment:

  • Knowledge in Christ
  • Give attention in the Holy Ghost
  • Ask for His grace to wax strong
  • Believe He is the miracle worker
  • Accept the calling no matter

Sanctification comes with benefit

When you know what sanctification means to you as a Christian, the process it would take for you to be good in Christ, you would not doubt.

In Christ, there is power to convert souls for his goodness.

Our work in Christ and sanctification, is the function of soul winning. When we attach our heart in this, the power of sanctification works fast in us.

People think Christians do not know this message, we always think is below but it’s above, therefore we need it.

The moment we are sanctified, the burden and the plan of the enemy will automatic finds its place of hiding.

Sanctification which is the alignment and sync in Christ, when we use it, we are bigger than the enemy.

Some of the nuggets below will make us to be stronger to face our challenges:

  • You gain more ground in Christ
  • You are in sync with the blood of sprinkling
  • Transformation becomes your inheritance
  • You are not condemned
  • Fulfillment is presence


As a Christian, sanctification is important, this is to help you stand right and strong in Christ.

Some Christians might think is not necessary but I tell you is very good to fulfill all righteousness.

The more you are sanctify, Christ in you is strengthened to wage war against your adversary.

The ability to show forth the glory of God is the insight that you receive in spirit.

Above all, Christ shows you everything you desire to achieve in the spirit realm which comes through the glory of sanctification.

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