Bible And Church Security: Essential Lessons

Bible And Church Security: Essential Lessons

Bible And Church Security: Essential Lessons

It is important to know teaching of the Bible and church security. It’s the spiritual guidance that transcends to the physical structure that pastors put in place in the power of the Holy Ghost. The church is the power house of a Christian when he knows this, he will be better off.

In this blog we will see what does the bible say about church security? As long as church is concerned, flocks are guided from the power of the Holy Ghost to shield them against the enemy.

The church is a place where security is being controlled with how we prayer which is the glory of God in us.

We cannot be moved when we believe the Holy Ghost is the structure of security in our life.

Many Christians have failed to know the Lord is the guidance in anything we put our hand to do.

Once we acknowledge and understand this. We will function in the guidance; against every power of the enemy.

The Bible, “says for we wrestle not against fresh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

When you are conscious of the power of the Holy Ghost in us in prayer, we will be surprised how secured we will be in the Lord.

Some of the security strategies to manifest the glory of God in securing us are mentioned below:

Let’s See What Does the Bible Say About Church Security Point Wise

God’s Word is the security

When the Word of God is inherent in everything we do, the secured power of the LORD comes to be in us. The glory of God is the power of influence in a Christian life.

We are all in the mercy of God who has always taught us to know His word, (Exodus 15:13).

This allows us to function as we were created in the image of God to have dominion in all we do. This is the reason we are here on earth to prove His supremacy.

As we go about with what we should do, the reason and the power of God will resonate to give us what we desire.

Without the strength of God, the guidance which is the security in Christ. We will not win in the place of securing of the church. Some of the nuggets to guide us are listed below:

  • Know the Word of God
  • Meditate with the Word of God
  • Prophesying is the source of security
  • Pray always against every power against 

Knowledge is one of the keys

The more knowledge we have, the better we are secured in anything we venture to do in Christ Jesus.

The paraphrase of Prophet Hosea says, “The lack of knowledge is the power of the devil’s strength to work to stop us in Christ Jesus” (Hosea 4:6).

Once we know the Word of God, we are secured and the power to win will be available for us.

When we are not used to the Word of God for our security, we will think He is not working because of our ignorant.

Some of the powers of security in the wisdom of God are mentioned below and will push us to win against the power of the enemy:

  • It protects us against the wish of the enemies
  • The knowledge is the gift for us
  • It delivers us from the pestilent of the dark
  • Knowledge is the strength to bring the devil down
  • Decide to know who God is

The church security is the prayers we offer

The church security is the power in prayer that we offer to God; is the success in what we believe in doing.

Prayer is the security we need as a Christian. When we don’t do this, the enemy takes advantage over everything that we need to be protected.

The Bible says, “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God” (Philippians 4:6).

This is the instruction God gave to us to know how to be secured in anything we do as a Christian.

As we fellowship with him in the place of prayers, His strength will always rest in us. Some of the nuggets that will help us to function well are mentioned below:

  • Prayer builds the security we need
  • It helps in preserving us
  • The church is the place where security is built
  • Security is God in us
  • The power of God’s wave is the security of the church

The Bible is the place of insight

As we continue to search the book of the everlasting truth, we become a threat to the kingdom of darkness.

Once we begin to confidently opening the Bible, we shine the more in anything we lay our hand to do.

As far the Bible is concerned, it’s the power and security that we need to manifest His kingdom.

Once we know this as a Christian and keep reading the Bible, we will automatically be secured in the church.

The power of the enemy will always find it difficult to know how we operate. The first thing the devil wants to know from us is how we do what we are doing.

This is a mystery the devil has no knowledge about, so when we put this secret to work, we will always override the power of the devil.

We are the function of eternal life working in us; He is the secret we are winning. Thus, some of the secrets that pull down the enemy are:

  • Read the Bible all the times
  • Understand mystery of the kingdom
  • Build yourself in the Word of God
  • Believe that Christ in the Lord
  • Use the Word to fence your life
  • Pray always against the mission of the devil
  • Pray subdue the potent of the evil force
  • You are an over comer by the word of God

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God is the church security

Jesus says, “I will build my church and the gate of hell will not prevail,” as that implies, the gate will always want to come. But when we assign the Word of God to be used, things answer for us.

Once we understand that prayer is to God for answer of prayers, we push beyond the limit to pray to be an intercessors.

This is when the mission of God will begin to find the security we need.

God is bigger than any creatures and cannot be created by anyone. So, He is in charge of the happening in the world.

Even though, He knows what is going on in everywhere, He judges thing at His own time.

The security of the world is in the palm of God. As the paraphrased of the Bible will say, “The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof and they that live therein.”

He is every security we need to know in the church today. Putting physical security structure makes sense but the spiritual security is everything we need to succeed.

The church is the security through Christ Jesus and the mentioned nuggets below will assist us:

  • The Lord is the security of the church
  • The Holy Ghost tells us what we should do
  • He is the promised keeper
  • The Bible is the power when we know


Being that, the Lord is the security of the church does not mean, we will not play our part. Remember God made us to be here to take care of the world.

Since He is a spiritual father, He needs us to be here; is our responsibility to take charge of the physical structure in the church.

Once we know what we should do, the security of the church will be taken better care of.

God is able to give us everything we desire when we know what we are doing.

He is always waiting for us to move ahead with the demand of what we desire to fulfil; He is ready to finish it for us.

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